LIVE READ - Benefits

Live read unlocks new layers of knowledge, by combining the latest in mobile augmented reality (AR), 3D animation and audio technology. Live read simplifies even the most complex subjects, helping learners to gain a greater understanding of topics and retain information more effectively.

The app is specifically designed to offer students and professionals a deeper dive into their learning materials, via a QR code or hyperlink within a study module. AR can render a 3D model of anything that is hard to visualise in the classroom – or indeed, real life – and enables the learner to interact with an
object or organ intuitively and easily.

Connecting reality with digital content in this way creates a new, smart and systematic method that appeals to the four primary types of learners: visual, auditory, read-write and kinesthetic. With Live read, education is taken to the next level, providing a complete, immersive learning experience.